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Taking His Favorite Toof by DizzidragonzSabor the Leopard by Dizzidragonz
Sexy Steampunk Lynn by DizzidragonzIn the Deep Updated by Dizzidragonz
Scarlet Character Sheet by DizzidragonzHinoKami Layout by Dizzidragonz

Art Status



To Do's


1. Complete linework and unfinished digital work
2. Continue with list of sculptures to complete
3. Finish Children's book
4. Write Naku background story
5. Work on mold/casting of masks and sculptures
6. Finish cross-stitch pattern
7. Work on new tee-shirt designs
8.Remember to breath.......*gasp* o.=.O'


May 21, 2015
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Apr 25, 2015
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Apr 25, 2015
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Apr 24, 2015
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Apr 24, 2015
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If and when you decide to give me a :llama: please keep the following in mind:

1. If your page doesn't indicate that you don't want to be thanked for the :llama: then I will do so and give you one in return.

2. If you give me a :llama: and your page indicates that you don't want to be thanked then I will respect your wishes, but you will not receive a :llama: in return.

3. If you ignore these rules then you may not hold me accountable for not respecting yours.

These rules have been put in place to ensure that you understand my intentions/actions upon receipt of the :llama: and to reduce the number of :llama: s that I receive from those that don't want to be thanked for them. I don't like wasting time checking profiles to ensure that I don't disrespect someone for thanking them and then being reported for "spamming" their page. If you don't like or do not want to follow these rules then don't give me a :llama:

Thank you for reading,
Framed Thorin Oakenshield by Dizzidragonz
Framed Thorin Oakenshield
Here's how it looked once it was framed. It really worked well with the painting and it was the first time I ever framed a canvas. I rarely give away original pieces and this one was very special so it needed to be framed. I don't like giving gifts that not finished. Hope you all like it. 
Thorin Oakenshield by Dizzidragonz
Thorin Oakenshield
I know it's been a while since I last posted anything. I've been very busy with my sculptures. This was done as a gift for the son (Morgan) of a friend of mine. His birthday was yesterday (3/21/15) and I started working on this painting only a week ago. This was the first time that I ever used my new air brush that I got for Christmas. It's been ages since I last painted anything and I'm very proud of this piece. I'm surprised that I did so well with it since I'm not very good at realism. This is about as realistic as I get. I hope you all enjoy it as much as Morgan did. Seeing his face when he opened his gift really made my day. I was really worried that he wouldn't like it. Thorin Oakenshield is not my character and is copyrighted to J.R.R. Tolkien.
I received another message from this person Katunu .

"Look, i'v told this to people time and again, and you had the chance to read my featured comments requesting not to thank for anything llama related.

I have a right to what i do and do not want spoken about and or shown on my profile, all anyone has to do is read the comment featured. I'm not setting anyone up because if they see my warning and choose to ignore it then that's their problem and not mine I have plenty of warnings up and if you and others chose to ignore them then i will indeed report the comment and it is a threat because i get tons of people spamming the page over it.

I will continue to send llamas because it's fun, a llama is also free and there really isn't a reason to thank for it in my opinion.

If you have an issue then just leave me alone and be done with it, then we never had a problem in the first place."

I don't mind getting messages from people expressing their side of things but, I don't appreciate being blocked for no reason. So I have this to say to you Katunu since you're too cowardly to have it be posted on your page: 

In case you haven't noticed, most people don't notice the "warning" and it is quite unfair to them to be reported on a 1st offense. I understand that you don't want to be spammed but, I don't believe that a "thank you" is considered to be spam. Spam is when someone continually advertises on your page to view something of theirs or to make a sale. That isn't the case in this instance but, we can go round and round on this all day and it really isn't worth my time. You do what you want with your page but, I still don't believe that it is a decent thing to do to those who are merely being courteous.

Now that I've said my piece I will not have anything to do with you Katunu , destroyer of courtesy.
Yes, that's right. I was threatened over a :llama: . I had received a :llama: from Katunu and this is the response that I received:

"DO NOT thank me for llamas.

but you can complement, or thank me for a watch, so long as it isn't llama related. I WILL report llama comments as spam! I do NOT like to see my comments section flooded with the same exact comment over and over again so please respect my wishes.

Please make your comment have a purpose and help make my profile comments stay fun an interesting!
I do love to talk to you guys too! So don't be afraid to comment at all, i'm not mean, i just don't enjoy spam!

I also understand that you are thankful for your llama! You're welcome! Have a good day!"

I don't take kindly to threats of any kind nor do I appreciate being setup. I sent this response in return:

"I apologize for sending that message to you. I was not intending to spam your page. However, you gave me a llama first and I was mearly thanking you for it, as I do for anyone else that gives me one. Your response to this minor issue is not appreciated since it's basically a threat. The last thing you should ever do is threaten someone that you don't know or just met. Further more, if you don't want people thanking you for llamas then don't give them out, otherwise you're setting them up. Also, if this is the first thing you send to someone then it is very unlikely they'll continue to have any further contact with you for fear of being reported for something they see as a courtesy. I will respect your wishes and not thank you for anything in the future."

I am sharing this with all of you to help you avoid the same thing. No one deserves to be threatened or reported over something so trivial. Further, if you don't want me to thank you for a :llama: then don't give me one. I will thank you for it as a courtesy if you do. 

Deviously Yours,

Dizzi  ^.=.^

Deviant ID

Da ID by Dizzidragonz

Thanks for stumbling onto my page. I'm glad you made it. You may call me your Lord and Master, or just Dizzi. In any case, you're welcome to roam my domain. While in my presence I have a set of rules that I wish to be followed.

Please in all regards, be respectful to yourself, to my page, myself and others.
Don't criticize my artwork in a negative manner. However, I am always looking for constructive criticism
Please don't use provocative or abusive language when leaving a comment on either my front page, my artwork, or in private notes (profanity is okay, depending on the manner it is used & isn't left in a comment). Above all, no stealing of artwork. Have fun!!

If you would like to know more about me, then please talk with me. I love making new friends, and meeting new people. It is just another experience I like to involve myself with on deviantart. I'm not always around to be on DA, but I will always do my best to respond in a timely manner. If I'm unable to do so, then I apologize in advance.

Forever your Lord and Master,



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Would you like a system on DA that would allow you to pick and choose what you can view? 

75 deviants said Yes, I would love more control of what I see on DA!
18 deviants said Maybe, I need more information.
13 deviants said No, I'm fine with how things are.


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